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In our range Stairlifts we can offer two different products:

● Meditek stairlifts for straight stairs
● Hawle Stairlifts for curved stairs

Please find below more information about these products:

Meditek stairlifts for straight stairs up to 60°

the range of our English manufacturere MediTek contains of 3 different models

  1. Meditek model 120 Economic (120 Kg lifting capacity in the standard color beige) this model has a very economic pricing, see our promotional offer.
  2. Meditek model 160 Deluxe (160 Kg lifting capacity with seat in different colors)
  3. Meditek model SP100 (standing version) (100 Kg lifting capacity) 

These three types are designed for installation on straight stairs with a gradient up to 55 ° and a minimum stair width of 630mm.


By default, the stairlift is fitted with a manual turnable sit, safety belt and two wireless remotes.

Various options such as manual or electric folding rail, electric turnable sit  and different colors for the upholstery of your choice are available.

All 3 versions operate with a 24V/DC-engine running on built-in batteries, ensuring that the stairlift is still working at a power cutoff. Both devices also have a European CE certificate.

Download our promotional offer on Meditek model E 120

Download our Meditek brochure


  • MEDITEK DCP_4152
  • MEDITEK DCP_4157
  • MEDITEK afstandsbediening
  • Meditek_01
  • Meditek_02
  • Meditek_03
  • Meditek_04
  • Meditek_05
  • Meditek_06
  • Meditek_07
  • Meditek_09
  • Meditek_10
  • Meditek_11
  • Meditek_12
  • Meditek_13
  • Meditek_14
  • Meditek_15
  • Meditek_18
  • Meditek_20
  • Meditek_21
  • Meditek_22
  • Meditek_23
  • Meditek_24
  • Meditek_25
  • Meditek_26
  • Meditek_27
  • Meditek_28
  • Meditek_29
  • Meditek_30
  • Meditek_31

Hawle stairlifts for stairs with curves up to 75°

The type “HW10” is a stairlift for curved staircases with several bends and therefore a minimum distance of 730mm is required between the wall and the railing of your staircase.

By default, the stairlift is delivered with a 75 ° rotating electric sit, seat belts and two wireless remotes.

The exact price for your Hawle "HW10" stair lift will depend on the configuration of your staircase, the length of the track, the number and type of the curves, and can only be given after a noncommittal check-up on location.

Download our Hawle brochure


  • hawle 180graden
  • hawle draaiende zit
  • hawle raildoorloop bovenaan
  • hawle standaard vertrek
  • hawle-01
  • hawle-02
  • hawle-03
  • hawle-04
  • hawle-05
  • hawle-08
  • hawle-09
  • hawle-10
  • hawle-13
  • hawle-14
  • hawle-15
  • hawle-16
  • hawle-17
  • hawle-18
  • hawle-19
  • hawle-20
  • hawle-21
  • hawle-22
  • hawle-23
  • hawle-24
  • hawle-25
  • hawle-26

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